Herring spawns puns

Caption stating Researchers at Raincoast aimed to determine if the nutrients that herring contribute to intertidal and subtidal ecosystems during spawning events are cycling through coastal food webs. Triptych of photographs below showing herring in two pictures and ocean at low tide in the other

Photo by Kristen Walters.

Oh my cod! Have you ever seen herring spawn? (If you can think of a better fish pun let minnow).

It is an insanely cool experience. The nearshore waters are churning with thousands of fish laying eggs. The water turns turquoise and all critters, from eagles to wolves to crabs, come to feast. It’s also an important event for coastal First Nations communities, as the eggs that are laid on kelp are harvested and consumed.

I wrote a little article about it in attempt to convey some recent scientific research in a more engaging way! Check it out.

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