The Heart of the Fraser

The vital stretch of the river between Mission and Hope, less than two hours drive from Vancouver, provides prime spawning habitat for salmon and white sturgeon and serves as a nursery for millions of baby salmon every year. Two large islands in the Heart of the Fraser are under imminent threat. Herrling and Carey Islands not only provide a large amount of vital fish habitat but are an important area for fishing and outdoor recreation.

Developers have applied to build bridges to these islands which, if approved, would lead to the destruction of critical fish habitat for agriculture or subdivisions. This could also increase flood risk in the surrounding communities. You can help by adding your voice to halt the construction of these bridges, add to the protection of critical salmon habitat, which in turn protects everything from our children to the endangered Southern Resident Killer Whales.

It only takes a moment to add your voice.

Thanks to the coalition that has come together to protect the #HeartoftheFraser with @watershedwatchbc, @bcwildlifefederation, @alouetteriverms, BCIT Rivers Institute, Outdoor Recreation Council of BC, and BC Federation of Drift Fishers.

Photo by Andrew S. Wright.

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