Fraser river

The backs of peoples' heads in the foreground looking towards a screen with an image of an estuary projected onto it.

Starting with Fraser River

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to learn about the road to recovery for the Southern Resident killer whales at the temple of stoke! It all starts with recovering Fraser River Chinook salmon populations!

Aerial photogragh of a part or Fraser River, dark blue water meandering through brown and white lands and islands with mountain range in the background

The Heart of the Fraser

The Heart of the Fraser. The vital stretch of the river between Mission and Hope, less than two hours drive from Vancouver, provides prime spawning habitat for salmon…

Fraser River meanders down the Fraser Valley through the Sto:Lo Nation

The gravel reach

In addition to the Fraser River estuary our conservation interests extend into what is often termed the gravel reach. This area is important habitat for salmonids and many other species. We are now working to…

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