Hope for Bill C-48

Bill C-48 is an act to regulate tankers that transport crude or persistent oil to or from terminals on B.C.’s north and central coast.

Bill C-48 reduces the threat of oil spills to marine environments.

Bill-48 addresses the rising problem of underwater shipping noise that disrupt the communication and feeding of cetaceans as well as the growing threat of ship strikes.

Bill C-48 honours the ecological legacy of this coast and the First Nations people that existed with this landscape since time before memory.

Bill-C48 was rejected by the Senate last week but this doesn’t mean it’s dead in the water… 🐋“One hundred years ago, humpback and fin whales were largely extirpated from the inside waters of the B.C. coast. As the federal government looks to codify a 35-year moratorium on oil tanker traffic into law, these whales are returning to their historic feeding grounds. While we continue our work to ensure the priceless and irreplaceable B.C. coast can continue its unparalleled evolutionary journey, we will mark Bill C-48 as an important and necessary step in ensuring that future.” – Misty MacDuffee 📷 April Bencze 

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