Time of gratitude, time of belonging

Tracking Raincoast details our achievements and future plans, it also identifies our whole Raincoast family, 32 people in all. From our research associates to our administrators, scientists, communications professionals, mariners, and educators, all play a vital role. Similarly, it’s you, our extended family, to whom we would all like to extend our gratitude.

We are grateful to everyone who cheers us on, communities that support our research, our conservation partners, and to every single one of donors. Thank you. As a registered charity, we give tax receipts for donations of $10 or more. This past week we have received new monthly donors, stock donations, and individual gifts.  

Although we are reliant on donations, of equal importance is the knowledge that so many others support our work to safeguard the land, waters, and wildlife of coastal BC. 

So whether you have already donated, or whether you plan to give, or contribute in some other way, please know that we recognize you have an interest in what we do, and for that we are truly grateful.

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