Friend of Raincoast, Eric Sambol

Raincoast is fortunate to work with several amazing photographers. This year we wanted to pay special tribute to Eric Sambol. Eric’s images have been key in a number of our initiatives. They have secured us cover shots in scientific journals for our research, they grace our website, and Tracking Raincoast. His generously donated image of a grizzly bear in Khutze Inlet was a key feature in our One Shot for Coastal Carnivores exhibit. Photographed while visiting the area with Raincoast and our guide outfitter coordinator, Brian Falconer, the image shows a grizzly bear, in full profile, and with a visible scar. Taken from below the river bank, the image is imposing. Yet the image expresses the bear’s tolerance, which many of us recognize when sharing space with these incredible animals. 

Eric Sambol profile, in black and white.

Eric spent 34 years working in the family construction business before a trip to the continent of Africa changed everything. “For me, meeting these animals in the world we all share, showing how their world is our world, is essential for their survival, and ours. To the extent that I can use my camera to make this point, for others to see and feel, is my measure of success.”

Your photographs are a huge success Eric. Raincoast is immensely grateful for these images and your financial support.

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