Virtual connection and support

With coronavirus affecting normalcy around the world, the Raincoast Lab at the University of Victoria is not going to be doing fieldwork this season, and instead will maintain virtual connection, support from afar.

Ilona Mihalik shared about the work the lab usually does in Heiltsuk territory.

To support decision-making by the Heiltsuk Nation, we monitor black and grizzly bears across 4,000km2 in Heiltsuk Territory. We set up and collect hair from snag sites each May and June, travelling by boat and helicopter.

How are bear numbers changing each year? How does salmon consumption by bears differ each year? How does changing salmon biomass over the years affect bear populations (health and numbers)?

Ilona Mihalik

You can learn more about her work with friends and colleagues at Raincoast and the Heiltsuk Nation.

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