Misty Macduffee contributes essay to new book Spirits of the Coast

Chapter by Misty Macduffee on salmon and how they are interwoven with whales and humans examine the threat they face from us.

Spirits of the Coast is our new favourite book. It brings together the work of marine biologists, Indigenous knowledge keepers, poets, artists and storytellers, united by their love for killer whales.

Misty Macduffee, Raincoast’s wild salmon program director, contributed a chapter to the book called, ‘A bond through salmon, language and grandmothers’. It begins with an exploration of culture in animal populations, its presence in resident killer whales, and the complexity of interactions with salmon that have enabled an ecological and cultural dependence to evolve over tens of thousands of years. It explores the many ways that the human footprint has put the survival of these family groups in jeopardy.

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