Stop so called legal recreational hunting

A beautiful wolf face in extreme close-up pictured among red and purple flowers and yellow grass with green leaves in the blurred background. Brown face of the wolf is in profile and its eyes gaze with emotion out into the distance.

Photo by Cheryl Alexander

Just over a month ago Staqeya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island, was killed. Staqeya was special to the Songhees nation, as he showed up after their longtime Chief Robert Sam passed on.  Many saw it as a sign their former chief was still with them.

The BC Conservation Service says the hunter did nothing wrong after a recent investigation. “We did quite an exhaustive investigation and basically found that there was no violation whatsoever. The animal was hunted, and legally killed.” – Ben York, BC Conservation officer for the Nanaimo region.

The hunter who killed Staqeya sent his body to a taxidermist, but after a conversation with Chief Ron Sam of the Songhees nation who explained why the wolf was important to his people, returned the wolf remains to the Songhees nation so they can have a ceremony for the wolf.

We are also working to stop the legal, recreational hunting of wolves in BC. And we’ve made it easy for you to take action. We make it simple for you to contact the Minister of Forests, Lands, Natural Resource Operations and Rural Development, and the Minister of Environment and Climate Change Strategy, to let them know it is time to stop recreational hunting of wolves in BC.

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