Bear in the shallows in the shadows of mountains in the Great Bear Rainforest.

Bears fit the coastal landscape

Like a hand in a glove bears fit the coastal landscape. Trophy hunting never will.

Buying the rights to shoot these animals is the ironic solution to their protection. Partnered with @cfngbi @raincoastconservation is now raising funds to permanently lend …

predator in the Great Bear Rainforest, a wolverine poses on a rock by a stream with salmon in its mouth

Donate to Save The Great Bears

With our Coastal First Nations partners, we have launched the next step in our campaign to Save The Great Bears.

We now need to raise $500,000 to permanently end commercial trophy hunting in more than 2,300 square kilometres of the …

Serene water between mountains and the Achiever boat anchored.

Save the Great Bears

Having now acquired three commercial hunting tenures in the Great Bear Rainforest that cover over 30,000 square kilometres we need to conduct “hunts” in these areas. But the only trophies you’ll return with are memories and photographs. Find the trip …

Grizzly bear looks at camera while walking on the rocky banks of a river in the Great bear Rainforest

Searching for grizzly bears

Every fall you can find us in the Great Bear Rainforest on our research vessel the Achiever searching for grizzly bears that we shoot only with cameras as part of our conservation efforts to end trophy hunting with partners -Coastal …

A sign in the Vancouver terminal supplied by Coastal First Nations that reads "Trophy Hunting is Closed in the Great Bear Rainforest. Respect our traditional laws. Nuxalk, Heiltsuk, Kitasoo/Xai'xai, Wuikinuxv,

Trophy hunting is closed

At Vancouver (YVR) heading up to Great Bear Rainforest for expedition on Raincoast conservation research vessel Achiever. Awesome to see “Trophy hunting is closed” sign prominently displayed in south terminal! 

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