One Shot artist: John Marriott

John Marriott has been published in a number of magazines including National Geographic Adventure, Backpacker, Canadian Geographic, Reader’s Digest, Outdoor Photography Canada, Photolife, Ranger Rick and OWL. His photography has also been used for a wide range of commercial applications, including highway billboards, transit buses, brochures, websites, product packaging, and catalogs.

He also regularly writes articles for Outdoor Photography Canada magazine and in 2010 was named a contributing editor for the magazine as their wildlife photography columnist.

His first book, Central Rockies Mammals, was published in July 1997 and was a Canadian bestseller (second edition, 2005). In 2002, his business leapt forward with the investment in a line of 24 different wildlife and scenic greeting cards, his Wilderness Moments notecard line. In 2004, he added 2 new cards to the line, 5 more in 2005, and 2 more in 2007. Marriott revamped the line with 18 new cards in 2011 and 2012, then added three more new ones in 2016. The cards continue to be the best-selling greeting cards in the Canadian Rockies, with more than 150,000 cards sold since 2002.

In 2007, he released his first hardcover coffee table book, Banff & Lake Louise: Images of Banff National Park. The book has been received with critical acclaim and has quickly become the best-selling photography book on Banff. It is now a Canadian and international bestseller, with more than 18,000 copies sold worldwide.

Following the success of Banff & Lake Louise: Images of Banff National Park, he released Wildlife of the Canadian Rockies: A Glimpse at Life on the Wild Side in June 2008. This book is now also a Canadian bestseller, with more than 8,500 copies sold.

In 2009, he released two more coffee table books, both titled The Canadian Rockies: Banff, Jasper & Beyond (large and small versions).

Then in 2010, he launched a wildlife photography tour company, aptly named, Canadian Wildlife Photography Tours, which has been extremely successful. He now leads multiple tours and workshops each year to places like Haida Gwaii, the Great Bear Rainforest, and the edges of Hudson Bay in Nunavut.

Recently, in 2016, Marriott released The Pipestone Wolves: The Rise and Fall of a Wolf Family together with author and wolf researcher Gunther Bloch.

In 2017, he released Tall Tales, Long Lenses: My Adventures in Photography, which is a culmination of his 20-year career to date as a photographer and includes many of his favourite stories and photographs.

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