Now there are just 73

Now there are just 73.⠀

J-17, Princess Angeline⠀
K-25, Scoter⠀
L-84, Nyssa⠀

It is with great sadness that we share the news that three missing Southern Resident killer whales are now presumed dead according to @centerforwhaleresearch. For such a small population, the loss of these individuals is significant. ⠀

All three were showing signs of lack of food when last seen. Their food supply is in decline, their waters are noisy and polluted. While measures to reduce these threats are increasing in both the US and Canada, they remain inadequate. ⠀

Our research clearly shows that increased traffic and noise conditions will intensify existing threats, accelerating their rate of decline and possibly leading to complete extinction. It also points to the solution, reducing existing vessel noise and increasing Chinook availability increases their likelihood of long term survival.⠀

Learn about the science of population viability.

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