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Raincoast scientist in grey t shirt and off white cargo pants stands on a bank of grass by the Fraser River estuary holding onto a blue net with orange balls spaced out on top, tied to a tall pole under blue skies.

Year five in the Fraser River Estuary

Despite the challenges of COVID-19, our research and restoration efforts in the Fraser River Estuary continued through 2020.

Now in year five, this work is helping us understand how the estuary supports millions of juvenile salmon in its different habitats …

Black background, spirit bear shines bright with gleaming fish in mouth among rocks and water

Spirit bear tenure

We purchased the Spirit bear tenure in 2011.

It covers an area of approximately 3,500 square km including the islands portion of a large territory owned by a private European shooting club. It contains the vast majority of known Spirit …

A medium sized brown wolf is seen mid motion with its one front leg and one hind leg off the ground traversing rocky terrain

Interview with Dr. Heather Bryan

This week we published an interview with Dr. Heather Bryan.

I think one of the themes that has emerged from Raincoast’s research is how interconnected wolves are with the marine landscape, and that was a big theme of Dr. Chris
Close up of a beautiful light brown wolf's face, bathed in sunlight.

Protect wolves on BC coast

All predators on the British Columbia coast need our protection.

You can help end commercial trophy hunting in the Kitlope Conservancy and surrounding area forever.

We need $100,000 to buy out Kitlope’s hunting tenure, which would mean the end of …

Salmon pictured underwater in murky green

Raincoast in the Watersheds 2020 forum

Today and tomorrow Raincoast is participating in the Watersheds 2020 forum.

Watersheds is a virtual gathering that brings together a diverse community of water leaders, including Indigenous Nations, watershed groups, local and provincial government staff, funders, scholars and researchers, practitioners …

A big salmon is seen hovering over a rocky bed under water with sun rays shining down on it and the murky pale green water in the Fraser river estuary

Crucial time for wild salmon

This is a crucial time for wild salmon that depend on the Fraser River. Following years of decline in the number of Chinook and sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser, the last two years have seen the lowest on record, …

A large brown wolf walks by still water, with its legs and body blurrily reflected

Catch the last episode of Wolf School today

The last episode of this semester’s Wolf School with Wolf Conservation Center looks toward existing and emerging solutions to the conservation of wolves in British Columbia.

Raincoast’s Director of Science, Dr. Chris Darimont, will also look back to share how …

A beautiful grey, brown and red wolf is lying down with its chin on a rock starting soulfully out at the camera.

Protect the wolves

Many of you learned about wolf conservation from Paul Nicklen and Bertie Gregory’s Instagram live.

We appreciate working with photographers who have a deep connection and care for the wildlife they take pictures of.

Wolves in British Columbia, Canada are …

Spirit bear stands at the topf of a small stretch of waterfalllooking at the white froth and green water while lush green forest and trees rise in the background

Earth Day

On this Earth Day we celebrate the land, water and wildlife that we work to protect on British Columbia’s coast.

Right now, as we distance from each other and the places we work, that disconnect from each other and nature …

Wet brown grizzly bear walks on rocks in shallow water

Almost halfway there

Great news! We have now raised over $250,000 towards the $650,000 needed to acquire the Kitlope commercial trophy hunting tenure. Success means that we extinguish commercial trophy hunting of carnivores in the stunning Kitlope Watershed, located on the northern reaches …

A beautiful white spirit bear captured in a close up photograph sits on all fours while staring with a soulful expression in to the camera

Spirit bears

Spirit bears are a valuable symbol of the Great Bear Rainforest.

Protecting both spirit bear and black bear habitat is essential because black bears can carry the recessive spirit bear gene. Although Spirit Bears are protected from trophy hunting, black …

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