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Chinook salmon visible as dark shapes underwater in clear green shallow water in the Fraser river, beside the bank under blue and white skies

Invest in Pacific wild salmon

Pacific salmon are foundationally important to Canada’s wildlife, food security, cultures, and economy. Yet, salmon numbers have declined a lot in the last two decades despite millions of dollars invested annually in hatcheries.

Growing evidence indicates that billions of hungry …

A school of red salmon are visible underwater with a beach and forest in the background.

A vision for wild salmon in the Lower Fraser

In March 2020, Raincoast published the report Toward a vision for salmon habitat in the Lower Fraser River. The report detailed the state of Lower Fraser salmon and their habitat, threats to this habitat, and the cultural, economic, ecological, and …

Stop Terminal 2 expansion

Raincoast wants to stop Terminal 2 and protect migratory birds. The Port of Vancouver’s proposed Terminal 2 expansion would double the size of its shipping terminal. If approved, this project would permanently alter the flow of water across intertidal habitat …

Aerial photograph of red sockeye salmon visible against stark pale brown sand through clear water

Read our report on Lower Fraser river

2020 has seen record low returns of sockeye to the Fraser River.

To help address this critical conservation issues the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance, Raincoast Conservation Foundation, Conservations Decisions Lab at the University of BC and West Coast Env. Law, …

Salmon pictured underwater in murky green

Raincoast in the Watersheds 2020 forum

Today and tomorrow Raincoast is participating in the Watersheds 2020 forum.

Watersheds is a virtual gathering that brings together a diverse community of water leaders, including Indigenous Nations, watershed groups, local and provincial government staff, funders, scholars and researchers, practitioners …

A big salmon is seen hovering over a rocky bed under water with sun rays shining down on it and the murky pale green water in the Fraser river estuary

Crucial time for wild salmon

This is a crucial time for wild salmon that depend on the Fraser River. Following years of decline in the number of Chinook and sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser, the last two years have seen the lowest on record, …

Two small Chinook salmon juveniles are seen in deep dark green waters of the Fraser river

Stop Terminal 2 expansion

Have you heard of Port of Vancouver’s Terminal 2 expansion?⠀

Port of Vancouver is proposing to double the size of its shipping terminal in the Fraser River Estuary.⠀

The construction of Terminal 2 will affect a key prey …

Underwater bright green reeds and a salmon exploring under them

Protecting the Stó:lō

Stó:lō, Dakelh, Lhtakoh, ?Elhdaqox. A river of such length has an equally long history. Long before the river’s current namesake explorer, Simon Fraser, ever arrived, Indigenous communities were shaped and were shaped by the river, of various names, and its …

Green water under the surface at the Fraser river estuary, and salmon seen as small darts swimming along in the water

Take action to protect Fraser river estuary

British Columbia’s Fraser Estuary is currently at risk from industrialization.

The proposed Terminal 2 expansion will further destroy and degrade wildlife habitat in the Fraser River Estuary, an area that is home to more than 100 species of wildlife at-risk …

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