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tall wooden pole connected to a crane looms over blue water with the shore visible on the other side under blue skies

Phase 2 breach construction ends

Phase 2 breach construction at the Steveston jetty east breach wrapped up Friday and everything went great.

We are conducting our construction in two phases. Last year we removed 1.5 meters of rock from the jetty in three 50 meter …

Presenter in grey shirt in a meeting room with a slide projecter

Salmon ocean ecology meeting in Portland

I enjoyed presenting and learning from all the great research presented at the salmon ocean ecology meeting in Portland this weekend. There were many great talks and much to learn about the status of salmon and the ocean conditions they …

Four Raincoast staff stand on one bank while another stands on the opposite bank and watch a green net across the Fraser river

Making a positive difference to salmon

The success continues for our Fraser Connectivity Project. We had another great day surveying our jetty breaches today.

We caught over 100 juvenile salmon both chum and Chinook moving through our east breach in just two hours. It feels so …

Aerial view of the Fraser River Sturgeon Bank. Picture has bright blue skies with some scattered white clouds on the horizon and blue river flowing between marsh land.

Fraser connectivity project monitoring continues

On a windy but beautiful morning out in the marsh at Sturgeon Bank, Fraser connectivity project monitoring continues. The juvenile salmon outmigration is in full swing with both chum and Chinook abundant in the estuary.

#letsmakethefrasergreatagain …

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