Staqeya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island, was killed

Staqueya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island, stands on a rocky bluff looking out over the ocean.

Photo by Cheryl Alexander.

Staqeya, the lone wolf of Discovery Island, was killed this week.

Staqeya (also known as Takaya) was seen and treasured by many who’ve watched this wolf live and move throughout the Salish Sea, venturing into James Bay and around Discovery Island.

BC’s wolves are killed through a variety of means, most of which are gratuitous, inhumane and unethical. These include legal hunting and trapping, as well as government sanctioned culling, the latter using such techniques as aerial gunning and neck snares.

The province of BC estimates that some 1,200 wolves are killed on an annual basis for recreational purposes. Raincoast senior scientist and large carnivore expert Dr. Paul Paquet says that number is likely even higher given BC’s lax reporting requirements and lack of conservation enforcement capability.

Raincoast is working towards ending commercial trophy hunting of wolves, bears, cougars and wolverines in the Great Bear Rainforest.

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