Re: The Pender Islands Big Tree Registry Update

Shauna Doll looks up while she big tree hunting on Salts Spring.

Photo by Alex Harris / Raincoast Conservation Foundation.

Greetings big tree hunters!  If you missed last month’s edition of the Pender Post, we would like to introduce you to The Pender Islands Big Tree Registry (“the Registry”).

Modelled after UBC’s provincial registry and Gabriola’s Island-specific registry, we are enlisting the help of community members (that’s you!) to help us collect data on the species, location, and size of big trees across North and South Pender Islands.  We will be using a convenient, accessible phone app. called iNaturalist to collect information on the big trees we find. 

To kick things off, we invite you to join us for a fun, action-packed training session. 

It will take place at 1PM on Sunday, September 20th outside the Pender Island Conservancy office at Hope Bay.  We will gather in the courtyard for a brief introduction to both the Pender Earth’s Trees-to-Sea interest group and Raincoast Conservation Foundation’s Gulf Islands Forest Project, followed by an introductory tutorial on how to download and use iNaturalist. 

We will then take a nature walk in the Hope Bay area to practice using iNaturalist in the field.  Please come ready for the weather; bring your smart phone, and your walking shoes!  All are welcome but please remember to practice social distancing! Please email Shauna ( or Pender Earth ( with any questions or for more information on how to get involved!

A version of this article was first published at The Pender Post.

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