Brown wolf caught in action running down rocks

Stop killing wolves

Wolves are often held responsible for the decline of caribou. The BC government has been sterilizing and killing wolves for more than a decade.

These efforts have not resulted in any measurable benefits for caribou, even according to the Province’s …

Close up of a light brown wolf. It's face is in profile and lifted up, jaws open, eyes closed, howling.

BC government spends $2 million on wolf cull

The Narwhal published an article looking into the rationale (or lack thereof) of the BC government spending $2 million on killing wolves.

This past winter, the B.C. government spent almost $2 million to kill 463 wolves in the habitat of

Lone wolf standing still beside water, reflected in it, with forest behind it.

Stop recreational killing of wolves

We are currently working to stop the recreational killing of British Columbia’s wolves – over 1200 of which are killed annually by hunting and trapping.

Wolves are such important animals in our ecosystem with complex social structures. For that reason,

Large tan coloured wolf sits on patch of green with blurred dark green trees in the background, with pink tongue lolling out.

Take action with us to help BC’s wolves

Last week we launched a new campaign with the goal of stopping the recreational killing of wolves in BC, Canada.

Over 1,200 wolves are killed annually in BC simply for recreation. This exploitation is not based on science and is …

BC: Stop killing wolves.

Take action to save wolves

Join Raincoast’s efforts to stop the brutal slaughter of one of BC’s most iconic species.

Wolves are increasingly blamed for the decline of prey populations, such as caribou. As such, wolves have become government targets for ‘predator control’. These scientifically …

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