Seven years in the Lower Fraser

An aerial view of the Fraser estuary with a city and mountains in the background.

Photo by Yuri Choufour.

In 2014, Raincoast initiated its work in the Lower Fraser River. From primary research and physical habitat restoration to engagement with communities, environmental reviews, and policy change, the scope of our work stretches from the beginning of the river’s gravel reach near Hope, to the estuary where our on the ground efforts are concentrated.

Spring 2014

Raincoast identifies Fisheries and Oceans Canada’s (DFO) failure to meet its own sustainability goals for weak Fraser Chinook populations. Call for harvest reductions.

August 2014

Launch drift card experiments in Salish Sea, Burrard Inlet and Fraser River to study potential oil spills.

Spring 2015

Further recommendations to DFO regarding management of declining Fraser Chinook populations.

Read more in our report Tracking Raincoast into 2021.

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