Fraser Connectivity Project

An aerial view of the Fraser estuary with a city and mountains in the background.

Seven years in the Lower Fraser

In 2014, Raincoast initiated its work in the Lower Fraser River. From primary research and physical habitat restoration to engagement with communities, environmental reviews, and policy change, the scope of our work stretches from the beginning of the river’s gravel …

A big salmon is seen hovering over a rocky bed under water with sun rays shining down on it and the murky pale green water in the Fraser river estuary

Crucial time for wild salmon

This is a crucial time for wild salmon that depend on the Fraser River. Following years of decline in the number of Chinook and sockeye salmon returning to the Fraser, the last two years have seen the lowest on record, …

tall wooden pole connected to a crane looms over blue water with the shore visible on the other side under blue skies

Phase 2 breach construction ends

Phase 2 breach construction at the Steveston jetty east breach wrapped up Friday and everything went great.

We are conducting our construction in two phases. Last year we removed 1.5 meters of rock from the jetty in three 50 meter …

A small sockeye in a green net filled with water.

Early Sockeye

Sockeye fry in the estuary in August? We caught this little beauty in the estuary this morning, the first time we have ever captured a juvenile sockeye rearing in the estuary this late in the season!!

While most sockeye remain …

A man in full rain gear standing ankle deep in water with others behind him and bending over a white bucket which is also in the water.

Fraser River Update

Earlier this year we began the first phase of our five-year restoration project in the Fraser Estuary making breaches in the Steveston Jetty to allow young salmon access to Sturgeon Bank.

Since breaching the Jetty, we have been monitoring to …

Small paw prints five in a line visible on sand

Coyote tracks in the Fraser estuary

Did you know coyotes are common in the Fraser estuary? We found these tracks while doing vegetation surveys today, and they lead right to our jetty breach.

Photo by David Scott.

#fraserconnectivityproject #pseclab #coyotes…

The backs of peoples' heads in the foreground looking towards a screen with an image of an estuary projected onto it.

Starting with Fraser River

Thanks to everyone who came out tonight to learn about the road to recovery for the Southern Resident killer whales at the temple of stoke! It all starts with recovering Fraser River Chinook salmon populations!…

Computer and a pole visible among stalks of green grass by the banks of water

Office in the field

This is yesterday’s office.

Here I am downloading data from my data logger which is installed on one of our breaches of the Steveston jetty.

A quick glance at the data shows that the beaches are …

Raincoast staff scientist in yellow rain jacket holds up a plastic sampler bag filled with water and a small fish inside it.

Rare cutthroat trout

This little beauty made a rainy morning so worth it. This is the first cutthroat trout we have captured in the Fraser estuary in four years of sampling.

Sea run cutthroat trout exist but are very low in abundance. It …

Four Raincoast staff stand on one bank while another stands on the opposite bank and watch a green net across the Fraser river

Making a positive difference to salmon

The success continues for our Fraser Connectivity Project. We had another great day surveying our jetty breaches today.

We caught over 100 juvenile salmon both chum and Chinook moving through our east breach in just two hours. It feels so …

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