Fraser estuary

An aerial view of the Fraser estuary with a city and mountains in the background.

Seven years in the Lower Fraser

In 2014, Raincoast initiated its work in the Lower Fraser River. From primary research and physical habitat restoration to engagement with communities, environmental reviews, and policy change, the scope of our work stretches from the beginning of the river’s gravel …

Two small fish in dark green water.

Adapting for ecological resilience

Since 2017, Raincoast has been collaborating with the Lower Fraser Fisheries Alliance, West Coast Environmental Law, and the Martin Conservation Decisions Lab at the University of British Columbia to explore pathways that foster long-term ecological resilience. This has focused on …

A school of red salmon are visible underwater with a beach and forest in the background.

A vision for wild salmon in the Lower Fraser

In March 2020, Raincoast published the report Toward a vision for salmon habitat in the Lower Fraser River. The report detailed the state of Lower Fraser salmon and their habitat, threats to this habitat, and the cultural, economic, ecological, and …

Green water under the surface at the Fraser river estuary, and salmon seen as small darts swimming along in the water

Take action to protect Fraser river estuary

British Columbia’s Fraser Estuary is currently at risk from industrialization.

The proposed Terminal 2 expansion will further destroy and degrade wildlife habitat in the Fraser River Estuary, an area that is home to more than 100 species of wildlife at-risk …

Reject Terminal 2 expansion

We are working to protect the Fraser Estuary from the Terminal 2 Expansion.

The Port of Vancouver is proposing to almost double the size of their existing terminal, Deltaport Terminal, in the Fraser Estuary.

As a nursery and feeding ground, …

A flock of white and black snow geese with yellow beaks captured in mid flight as they crpwd out the blue in the sky, above paler blue waters of the Fraser Estuary

Help stop Terminal 2 expansion

In the heart of the Fraser Estuary, the Port of Vancouver is proposing to double the size of the Deltaport shipping terminal at Roberts Bank, putting further stress on an estuary which has already lost over 80% of its natural …

Close up photograph of an orca whale, white and black face and black body partially out of green water.

Southern Residents and recovery

In 2019, we saw the most significant threat reduction measures the Canadian government has taken to date to support recovery of Southern Resident killer whales. Through coordinated legal, scientific, and public outreach strategies, and government negotiations, Raincoast and our …

Two people's hands holding up and pointing to a small clear container with small fish inside.

Win for salmon in Fraser Estuary

Within a month, juvenile salmon are already making their way through the breach Raincoast Conservation created in a jetty in the Fraser Estuary. A huge win for salmon who now have direct access to marshy habitats instead of being pushed straight out …

A hand with a bright orange coat sleeve holding a Walkie Talkie with dirt floor in the background.

Beginning the Steveston Jetty

Great to see restoration of industrial landscapes to give juvenile salmon a chance to access the marshy habitat in the Fraser estuary.

“This week we break new ground…literally! Raincoast has now begun construction of three breaches of the Steveston Jetty.

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