A black bear walks along a paved road with forest on either side.

Co-Existence & Human Behaviour

This year the number of incidents with black bears in BC’s lower mainland and the number of incidents with bears in the province has significantly increased. ⠀

The reality remains that the best way to manage interaction and co-existence …

Beautiful colourful vista of bright light blue Kitlope lake nestled among green tree covered slopes and blue and white snow peaks on the far end.

Kitlope lake

This is Kitlope lake. I had the extreme privilege of going here to do some work for Raincoast Conservation.⠀

It was the most incredible place I’ve ever been to. Every corner we turned was astonishing. I saw grizzlies for the …

Pencil drawing of a bear and wolf sniffing each others' face.

Why safeguard coastal carnivores

Why safeguard coastal carnivores?

One of the reasons has to do with safeguarding a large, healthy, and diverse ecosystem (including animals, plants, place, and yes, even us humans). Large carnivores play an important role in ecosystem health. Cougars, wolves and …

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